Plant Pots, Plant Labels, Seed Trays, Hozelock Watering, Garden Tools & Gardening Supplies:

  • Plant Pots - Round

    Plant Pots - Round

    Plant Pots - We stock a huge range of round plant pots, from the tiny 2.25" Round Heavyweight Plant Pots, great for cuttings, to a massive 500 Litre Giant Plant Pots, which are ideally suited for specimen plants and trees.
  • Plant Pots - Square

    Plant Pots - Square

    Square plant pots are very popular, as they take up less room on the potting bench than round plant pots. We stock a good range of both lightweight and heavyweight square plant pots in a good range of sizes all are BLACK in colour.
  • Extra Large Plant Pots

    Extra Large Plant Pots

    The Extra Large Plant Pots. are ideal bigger plants, such as shrubs, fruit trees and bamboos. They are made from strong, rubberised plastic with carrying handles for easy transportation and are BLACK in colour.
  • Container Plant Pots

    Container Plant Pots

    These Container Plant Pots are the ideal pot for growing and repotting medium sized plants. They are available in sizes from 1 Litre through to 10 Litres and are the ideal nursery container plant pot. These pots are BLACK in colour.
  • Lightweight Plant Pots

    Lightweight Plant Pots

    Lightweight plant pots are a great option for those selling plants or wanting a low cost option. They are soft, flexible, can be reused several times, and there are several different sizes of pots available.
  • Giant Plant Pots

    Giant Plant Pots

    For those with big specimen plants to repot, these Giant Plant Pots are perfect. Made from soft, UV resistant plastic they are weatherproof and available in sizes from 210 Litres through to the massive 500 Litre Plant Pots, all sizes are BLACK in colour.
  • Soil Testing

    Soil Testing

    We have a range of Soil Testing products to help you test your soil in readiness for the next growing season.

    All with easy to follow instructions.
  • Plant Labels

    Plant Labels

    We have a huge range of plastic plant labels in all sizes, colours and designs. From the Coloured Plant Labels, pictured above, to Blackboard and T Shaped Labels, you'll find them all here.
  • Gardening Gloves

    Gardening Gloves

    A range of Gardening Gloves from Town & Country. We have gloves suitable for all your gardening jobs. Available for men, women and children. We also carry pond gloves by Hozelock.
  • Plant Food

    Plant Food

    We have a superb range of Plant Food, to help get the best out of your plants, vegetables, trees, shrubs and hanging baskets.
  • Patio Pots

    Patio Pots

    A range of Patio Pots, very realistic and attractive plastic pots, great for patios, decking and the garden.
  • Grass Hooks

    Grass Hooks

    The Spear & Jackson Grass Hooks are lightweight, sharp and great for tackling long grass and overgrown areas.
  • Vermiculite


    Vermiculite is ideal for seed growing and potting mixes. Vermiculite is available in handy 10 litre and larger bulk 100 Litre Bags.
  • Hanging Pots

    Hanging Pots

    We have a range of coloured Hanging Pots to suit all your gardening needs in various sizes. Each supplied with a hanger.
  • Herb Planter

    Herb Planter

    The Herb Planter is a great plastic pot for either herbs, flowers, tomatoes or strawberries. These pots are stackable too.
  • Secateurs


    We stock a superb range of Spear & Jackson Secateurs, both Bypass Secateurs, Anvil Secateurs and Sets.
  • Tree Guards

    Tree Guards

    The Spiral Tree Guards are an essential aid to protecting young trees from animal and environment damage. they are extremely quick and easy to fit.
  • Perlite


    Perlite is ideal mixed with compost and soil helping improve moisture retention, aeration & lighten growing mediums.
  • Bird Feed

    Bird Feed

    We have a great range of Wild Bird Feed for all your feathery garden visitors to help them through the autumn and winter months ahead.
  • Bird Feeders

    Bird Feeders

    A range of Wild Bird Feeders by Gardman for use with our range of bird feed. The feeders are available in different sizes suitable for all your needs.
  • Wheelbarrows


    Single or Duo wheeled Wheelbarrows from Maingate Limited will be a welcomed product for any gardener. Available in different colours and sizes.
  • Compost Bins

    Compost Bins

    We sell a range of Compost Bins by Forest Garden with differing capacities and made from different materials. These are supplied direct from the manufacturer.
  • Cold Frames

    Cold Frames

    We stock a range of Cold Frames in wood, aluminium or other lightweight material. Manufacturers include Forest Garden, Spear & Jackson and Gardman.
  • Leaf Collectors

    Leaf Collectors

    We now have in stock the Leaf Collectors from Spear & Jackson. An extra pair of hands in a lightweight plastic material to help you collect all those leaves this autumn.
  • Leaf Rake

    Leaf Rake

    The Spear & Jackson Elements Range Plastic Leaf Rake is a well made garden rake, absolutely ideal to make light work of all those autumnal leaves.
  • Lawn Rake

    Lawn Rake

    We stock a range of Lawn Rakes by Spear & Jackson to help clear autumn leaves, moss, dead grass and other debris and to help lightly aerate your lawn.
  • Hedge Trimmers

    Hedge Trimmers

    Hedge Trimmers by Draper Tools, available in either petrol or electric operated tools. The trimmers are designed to quickly and easily shape and tidy up hedges and bushes around the garden.

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