7 Litre Soparco Extra Deep Rose Plant Pots

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7 Litre Soparco Extra Deep Rose Plant Pots
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The 7 Litre Soparco Extra Deep Black Rose Plant Pots are a very deep and voluminous plant pot ideally suited to deep rooted plants and planting. These plant pots are ideal for potting on such plants as roses, raspberry canes, climbers and whips.

These 7 Litre Soparco Extra Deep Rose Plant Pots are made from a tough and strong, yet flexible, black UV resistant plastic and have drainage holes in the bottom of the pot and also in the sides, at the base of the plant pots. They are a good strong plant pot and suitable for nursery and domestic use alike. They will give many years of service and use.

The 7 Litre Extra Deep Rose Plant Pots, made by Soparco, are a very strong and robust plant pot that is particularly useful with container grown plants requiring deeper root runs.

Manufactured by Soparco.

Dimensions: Diameter 22cm x 25.4cm depth.

The 4 Litre Extra Deep Plastic Plant Pots are a sturdier and deeper version of the Container Plant Pots and are ideal for roses, herbs and other plants requiring greater root depth. These plant pots are a mainstay of the nurseries and garden centres and are a great plant pot for commercial and home growing alike.

They are made from a strong black plastic and will last many years, with a little care. They have a gloss finish and their two tier drainage prevents waterlogging.

They are a good sized growing pot and will be of use to anyone growing plants such as climbers and roses that have deeper roots than most plants.

Manufactured by PlantPak.

Dimensions: Diameter 17.6cm x 23cm depth.

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