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Ground Cover Plastic Pegs

Ground Cover Plastic Pegs Ref: PEG01

Price: 0.14


Ground Cover Plastic Pegs...
The Ground Cover Plastic Pegs are a 6" sturdy plastic peg used to secure ground covering, netting and fleece into the ground. The pegs are manufactured from a strong durable plastic; however avoid...
Ground Cover Sheeting - 2m Wide

Ground Cover Sheeting - 2m Wide Ref: COV01

Price: 1.79


Ground Cover Sheeting - 2m Wide...
Our Ground Cover Sheeting is the ultimate ground cover material and is a 105gsm weight. The Ground Cover is manufactured from top quality UV stabilised black polypropylene, woven together to...
Ground Cover Metal Staple

Ground Cover Metal Staple Ref: STAPLE

Price: 0.25


Ground Cover Metal Staples...
Ground Cover Metal Staples are a simple and easy way of securing ground cover, netting, fleece or polythene by simply inserting a staple every metre or so. It does the perfect job of eliminating...

Our Ground Cover Sheeting is exceptionally strong, and should last over 10 years with normal use. It is made from woven strips of plastic sheet to create a fabric that doesn't let in sunlight but, at the same time, is water permeable. It is ideal for suppressing weeds and can be overlaid with shingle, stones or bark.

The Ground Cover Sheeting is pulled off a roll. It is therfore 2 metres wide, by whatever length you require. As a rule it will arrive as a single length, unless you request us to cut it to particular lengths, or if over 30 metres are ordered, as it becomes unweildy and heavy. In this case an extra metre will be supplied per section.

Online Catalogue | Netting and Fabrics |  Ground Cover Sheeting

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