Growbag Trays

Growbag trays are great for those growing tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers directly in growbags. These growbag trays from Stewarts, stop compost leaking all over greenhouse and conservatory floors and also makes watering so much easier. Water is conserved through the use of growbag trays and fertiliser can be applied directly to the tray and fully utilized without waste.

Growbag trays can also be used as saucers for seed trays and plant pots, with the water being applied directly to the tray and letting the pots of compost soak up the water from the bottom, which is infinitately preferable to top watering.
  • Growbag Trays

    Growbag Trays are designed to hold a standard growbag and act as both a water reservoir and prevent compost spillage. They are great for growing tomatoes and peppers and can also be used as drip trays or water dunks for plants in pots.

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