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Wire Hanging Baskets

Our Wire Hanging Baskets are available, currently, in three seperate sizes; 12", 14" and 16". All of the Wire Hanging baskets are strong and sturdy and will last many years. ...

Self Watering Hanging Baskets

Our Self Watering Hanging Baskets are provided by Garland and comprise of their Aqua Lock Hanging Baskets. The main difficulty with hanging baskets is keeping them thoroughly...

Hanging Basket Liners

Jute Hanging Basket Liners are probably the quickest and easiest liner to use on your hanging baskets. They are made from Jute, a natural, vegetable fibre, which is fully...

Hanging Basket Brackets

Our Hanging Basket Brackets are available in three diifferent sizes, for hanging baskets of 12", 14" and 16". These Hanging Basket Brackets are heavy duty and will easily take...

Hanging Basket Accessories

Our Hanging Basket Accessories Department holds a range of offerings to embellish your hanging baskets, which range from a Hanging Basket Fixing Kit, to affix Hanging Basket...

Hanging Baskets are a superb way of displaying plants and we offer a complete range of Hanging Baskets, Hanging Basket Liners, Hanging Basket Brackets and accessories to make your hanging baskets look truely at their very best.

The Hanging Baskets on offer include the traditional wire hanging baskets, plastic baskets and Garland's superb Self watering Hanging Baskets, which with their water reservoir, ensure that you baskets never dry out again. All the hanging baskets are available in a range of sizes, from 12" (30cm) up to 16" (40cm) baskets.

The Hanging Basket Liners cover basket sizes from 12" to 16" and we offer Jute Hanging Basket Liners as well as Sphagnum Moss Liners. In terms of Hanging Basket Brackets, again we offer baskets for the most popular sizes of baskets and all are heavy duty and will last many growing seasons.

Our range of Hanging Basket Accessories includes such essentials as Water Storage Granules and Hozelock's superb Water Storing Gel Mats, which are extremely easy to use and again help to prevent the age old problem of baskets constantly drying out.

Online Catalogue |  Hanging Baskets

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