Hozelock Water Timers

Hozelock Water Timers, or Water Computers, are a great way to automate the watering of your garden, saving both time and water in the garden. Water Timers are designed to automatically switch on and off a water supply. They can be used with an array of different attachments, such as Hozelock Micro Irrigation systems, Lawn Sprinklers, Soaker Hoses and Sprinkler Hoses.

There are three different Hozelock Water Timers available; the Hozelock Aqua Control, the Hozelock Aqua Control Plus and the Hozelock Aqua Control Pro, top of the range computer. The Aqua Control Timer, 2705, is the most basic, however, this makes it very simple to use and offers a range of programmes suitable for most watering requirements. The Aqua Control Plus builds on this simplicity, allowing a more bespoke watering system to be controlled. Finally, the Aqua Control Pro, 2700, really lets you take control of your watering, allowing use of pre-set programmes or customisation to produce ultimate flexibility. The Aqua Control Pro and Rain Sensor, 2703, adds a rainfall measure to automatically stop watering if sufficient rain has fallen, therefore reducing waste and stopping plants from getting water-logged. The Aqua Control Rainfall Sensor, 2702, is also available as an optional add-on, for those who already have an AC Pro Timer.

The range of Hozelock Water Timers is comprehensive, well known, easy to use and will be suitable for those new to automatic watering or those looking for more complicated and versatile watering solutions.
  • Hozelock Water Timers

    The Hozelock Water Timers are available in three different models, which in order of complexity are: Model 2705, Hozelock Aqua Control 1 Water Timer, 2700, Hozelock Aqua Control Plus Water Timer and the 2703, Hozelock Aqua Control Pro with Water Sensor.

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