Hydropod Cuttings Propagator

The Hydropod increases cuttings propagation success rates and speeds up cuttings propagation by getting the moisture balance right for you, preventing damping-off and mould.

A cutting loses water through its leaves but has no root system by which it can absorb water, it can take up a small amount through its base. In our Hydropod Propagator cuttings are regularly misted; this mist lowers the leaf temperature, creates a humid atmosphere and reduces the amount of water lost from the leaves - so cuttings are kept moist but without ever becoming water-logged (water-logging leads to rotting and mould).

The constant spray of water and nutrients around the base of the plants has the added advantage of encouraging the roots to ‘grow-out’ quickly to access the water and nutrients. The lid retains warmth and the optional heater maintains an even temperature so that you don't lose plants to low temperatures. The vent in the lid enables you to lower the humidity as the cuttings grow.

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