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Lightweight - Square Plant Pots

These Square Lightweight Plant Pots, available in four sizes, 7cm Square, 8cm Square, 9cm Square and 11cm Square, are extremely economical and are designed maximise growing...

Heavyweight - Square Plant Pots

These are very good quality heavyweight square plant pots from good quality manufacturers. They will last many seasons....

Long Tom Plant Pots - Square

These Long Tom Plant Pots are great for growing deeper rooted plants such as sweet peas, tomatoes, strawberries and climbing plants. They are made from a really strong plastic...

Our Square Plastic Plant Pots come in 10 different sizes from 7cm square up to 25cm square. They are ideal for confined spaces where more plants can be fitted into the same area than round pots.

These Square Plant Pots are available in either a lightweight plastic material or a more robust heavyweight plastic. The lightweight plastic square plant pots are great for sales of plants, where you are unlikely to see the pots again, whereas the heavyweight versions can be used many times over, and so are more cost effective in the long term.

Whether choosing the lightweight or heavyweight square plant pots, these are all great plant pots and ideal for growing all types of plants and shrubs.

Online Catalogue |  Plant Pots - Square

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