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Trough Plant Saucers

We are currently stocking trough saucers by ELHO, from their Green Basics range, suitable for use with the garden troughs also by ELHO. Available in Mild Terracotta or Living...

Round Plant Saucers - Terracotta

These Round Plastic Plant Saucers, or Drip Trays, are all made from terracotta coloured plastic. Terracotta coloured plant pots are probably the most commonly used in the garden...

Round Plant Saucers - Black

These round plastic black coloured Plant Saucers are made from a really strong and good quality plastic by Stewarts Horticulture. These plant saucers have a sloping outwards...

Round Plant Saucers - Clear

The Clear Plastic Round Plant Saucers, or Drip Trays as they are often called, by Stewart or Sankey are extremely versatile. These plant saucers are a favourite of orchid...

Square Plant Saucers

Our Square Plant Saucers, or Drip Dishes as they are commonly called, are made from good quality black plastic and are extremely useful and durable. These plant saucers are...

Plant Saucers, Trough Saucers or Drip Trays as they are often called, are invaluable for not only houseplants but are an excellent way of ensuring outdoor plants, in plant pots, do not dry out. For outdoor or greenhouse use, the plant saucers can be flooded, preferably in the morning or at dusk, ensuring the plants are kept well hydrated during the warmer months. In the winter months, when less watering is required, they can simply be removed and stored.

We stock a broad range of Plastic Plant Saucers. The Terracotta Coloured Plant Saucers are probably the most widely used, as the colour of the most common colour of plant pots. We do, however, stock the increasingly popular Black Plant Saucers, which can be used with some of our black plant pots. The advantage of the Clear Plant Saucers is that they will go with any coloured plant pot and are particularly suited for use with the Clear Orchid Plant Pots. We are now stocking and supplying the Stewart Black Square Plant saucers in 3 sizes.

New to our range is the Green Basic trough saucers by ELHO for use with the Green Basic range of garden troughs.

Plant Saucers not only collect water, save spillage of both water and compost, but can add the finishing touch to a beautiful looking houseplant or patio plant.

Online Catalogue |  Plant Saucers - Plastic

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