Round Plant Saucers - Clear

The Clear Plastic Round Plant Saucers, or Drip Trays as they are often called, by Stewart or Sankey are extremely versatile. These plant saucers are a favourite of orchid growers as they match the clear plant pots that are used in raising orchids. They are also very popular with those you have coloured plant pots, as they will go with any colour pot and look unobtrusive.

Plant Saucers and Drip Dishes not only help contain overwatering but also can be very useful in monitoring the plants water levels. Naturally, with houseplants they help prevent the mess and damage that can come with watering. Another benefit of using a saucer is that the plants can be watered directly from the saucers, benefitting good root growth.

Plants can also be fed, with liquid fertiliser, added directly to the Clear Plastic Plant Saucers.

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