Self Watering Hanging Baskets

Our Self Watering Hanging Baskets are provided by Garland and comprise of their Aqua Lock Hanging Baskets. The main difficulty with hanging baskets is keeping them thoroughly watered, particularly in the height of summer, when they can easily dry out in a matter of hours.

Self Watering Hanging Baskets have a water reservoir that constantly allows the plants access to water, via a wick system in the base of the basket. As long as this reservoir is topped up, then the plants will flourish and have access to water whenever they require it. Hanging Baskets require a surprising amount of water, as it is not only the heat that dries them out, but because of their positioning, the wind can dry them out just as quick. Once a hanging basket has been allowed to dry out they can be incredibly difficult to re-hydrate. Self Watering Hanging Baskets help avoid this common and annoying problem.

Self Watering Hanging Baskets therefore help save plants, water, time and effort and are available in two separate sizes; the Garland Large Aqua Lock Hanging Basket and the Garland Small Aqua Lock Hanging Basket.

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