Stewarts Heat & Grow Variable Temperature Electric Plant Propagator User Guide

Key features of The Stewarts Heat & Grow Variable Temperature Electric Plant Propagator

Key features of The Stewarts Heat & Grow Variable Temperature Electric Plant Propagator

Includes starter kit:

1 large seed tray, 2 small seed trays and 10 flower pots.
Allows precise control of growing conditions for seeds and cuttings:
Variable temperature control, choose precise temperature between 12ºC - 28ºC.
Automatic re-set thermostat automatically returns to previous setting after any loss of power.
Includes "A guide to successful propagation".
Energy efficient 50 watt heater.

Propagator size: 52 x 42 x 28cm.

Instructions for The Stewarts Heat & Grow Variable Temperature Electric Plant Propagator, Product Code 2497005.


The Stewart's Heat & Grow Variable Temperature Electric Plant Propagator is designed to produce a heated, humid environment for germination of seeds and cuttings. The Thermostatic control can be adjusted manually over a temperature range of 12ºC to 28ºC, to satisfy a wide range of growing conditions.

Wiring Instructions

This propagator is intended for use with 230 volts AC mains supply. This electric plant propagator is supplied with a 13 amp plug (BSI 1363), which has been moulded onto the mains lead during manufacture. The plug has a 3amp fuse fitted into a detachable fuse carrier and this may be replaced when required, with a similiar ASTA approved 3 amp fuse.

The wires in the main lead are connected to the plug as follows:

Blue to Neutral (N).
Brown to Live (L).
No earth wire is necessary as the heating element is insulated.

The supply cord cannot be replaced. If the cord becomes damaged, the propagator should be disposed of. Do not attempt to gain access to the heating element, which is sealed in the base of your propagator. The thermostat is connected to the mains supply lead and also has a separate lead which is a temperature sensor (probe), which will detect the operating temperature.

Safety Instructions

Do not immerse the base of the propagator, thermostat unit or the electrical lead in water. This product is not designed for outdoors use where the mains cable would be exposed (inside a greenhouse is acceptable).

Operating Instructions

Using the hand held controller, select the desired temperature by rotating the blue dial so that the temperature required lines up next to the raised dot, which is adjacent to the dial. If the red light appears this indicates that the propagator's heter has switched on. If no red light appears this indicates that the temperature detected by the probe is already at, or above, the desired temperature and the heater will not switch on until the ambient temperature drops below the setting.

Automatic Re-Set

After any disruption to the power supply the thermostat will automatically start up at the previously selected setting when the power returns.

Monitoring the Soil Temperature

The thermostatic controller is connected to 3 wires: the electric supply lead, the heater mat in the base tray and a third wire which has one end unconnected - this is the temperature sensor. To take a reading of the soil temperaturein your growing trays or plant pots, carefully insert the temperature probe directly into the compost.

When operating the propagator put the lid back in the closed position, ensuring that the sensor cable passes through the cutout in the side of the propagator lid. To monitor the soil temperature the probe needs to remain inserted below the surface of the compost. When positioned anywhere outside, the soil probe will simply be measuring the current ambient temperature.

Propagation temperature and Humidity Control

The temperature inside the propagator will be influenced by the ambient temperature and direct sunlight, so it is important to place the propagator away from a direct heat source, out of a draught and in an area of light but not strong sunlight.

Remember, the propagator cannot maintain a temperature below the prevailing ambient temperature. If the temperature inside the propagator becomes too hot, use a lower heat setting and if necessary, move to a cooler location.

Seed germination will require a level of humidity within the propagator and this will occur during heating when the propagator lid is on. Humidity control can be regulated by opening of the vents in the propagator lid but should extreme moisture levels occur, remove the lid completely for a few hours to allow the foliage to dry off. It is important to monitor moisture levels as an excess may result in damge to seedlings (sometimes known as 'damping off').

Growing from Seeds and Cuttings

For the best results, cover the bottom of the propagator base tray with a thin layer (approximately 0.5 centimeters) of damp horticultural or sharp sand and sow the seeds into the small plant pots and trays provided and place them on top of the sand. This helps to distribute the heat evenly.

You are then ready to select your required temperature setting and begin growing.

Propagator Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping the propagator lean when not in use will help reduce the risk of plant disease. Always disconnect the propagator before cleaning and never immerse the tray in water.

A weak solution of household bleach or sterilizing solution may be used but never used solvent based cleaners on this plant propagator.

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