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A definitive guide to MO Bacter, and the results from our own experience using it in the garden.Read the full article
Neil Helyer explains how biological control in the garden works and how it could benefit you.Read the full article
Are your kids bouncing off the walls or just won’t put their technology down? We get it! Why...Read the full article
Summer lawn care is all about feeding, moss killing, weeding, mowing and watering.Read the full article
Aphids on the roses, mildew on the brassicas - we can't avoid pests and diseases in our gardens but...Read the full article
Mulch and compost are not the same thing. The simple answer, is that mulch is used on the top layer...Read the full article
More and more of our customers are going down the route of chemical free gardening and instead of...Read the full article
Our new range from Dalefoot is Wool-based, peat free & approved for organic growing!Read the full article

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