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A Guide to Our Potting Composts & Soil Improvers

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Our comprehensive growing media range offers the gardener a wide choice for all stages of plant growth. But, one of the most misused terms in gardening is 'Compost'. To avoid confusion, we like to refer to 'Compost' as a growing media rather than decomposed organic matter.
One of the most misused terms in gardening is ‘compost’. Technically, compost comes from the compost heap and it is meant to be dug into the soil to boost nutrients, not to fill window boxes for bedding. To avoid confusion, we like to refer to ‘compost’ as a growing media rather than decomposed organic matter. Our comprehensive growing media range offers the gardener a wide choice for all stages of plant growth. 

Peat based
Sinclair Potting Bedding Growing Medium Compost Enhanced This is recommended for raised beds and pot plants, and bedding in pots, trays, hanging baskets and tubs.   
Sinclair Container Growing Medium Compost 
This is suitable for container and basket planting also recommended for both ericaceous and non ericaceous species.              
Levington Advance Pot & Bedding M2 
This is designed to support growth for a wide variety of bedding plants. M2 provides a good quality nutrient supply for feeding of up to four weeks.    
Levington Pot & Bedding M3 
This is designed for the most vigorous plants including tomatoes. Its high nutrient content means that controlled release fertilizers are not required to be added to this product

Melcourt Sylvagrow Sustainable Growing Medium This contains balanced nutrients sufficient for the first 4 – 6 weeks of growth.   
Melcourt Sylvagrow All Purpose Compost with Added John Innes 

This version contains added loam (a graded soil), which gives the growing medium more structure and water holding capacity. For example, when used in a raised bed or larger containers, loam is heavier and stays in situ.

John Innes growing media is made from a mixture of loam, sand or grit, and peat. The amount of added plant nutrients increase by the ‘number'.   

No. 1 This is ideal for young seedlings and rooted cuttings that are being moved on to a larger container.  It is a traditional loam-based compost with limestone and grit sand.   No. 2 
It has a nutrient level most suited to houseplants and vegetables being re-potted into medium sized pots.    
No. 3 
This is made for mature plants, especially patio plants. It is also good for the  final repotting of tomatoes. 

Levington F2S  This is designed for seed sowing and direct rooting of cuttings, containing silver sand to improve the flow of the growing media. All Levington composts contain the ICL HGro* wetting agent and the pH is adjusted between 5.3 and 6.0 using dolomitic lime.   
Jiffy Tref Propagation Mix 
This seedling compost is a mix of 70% coir and 30% perlite. The perlite encourages quicker germination for cuttings.   
Levington Advance Seed & Modular Low Nutrient F1 Compost 
This is a low level nutrient compost to provide the best start for young seedlings, even for the most sensitive plants. Use for seed sowing in modules, trays and small pots up to 7cm. All Levington composts contain the ICL H2Gro* wetting agent and the pH is adjusted between 5.3 and 6.0 using dolomitic lime.   
Westland Gro-Sure Seed & Cutting Compost 
This is a unique compost that has been specifically developed to ensure perfect growing conditions for seed germination as well as seedling and cutting establishment. The formula contains a fine grade Vermiculite, to aid drainage and aeration as well as plant extracts that stimulate young seeds and cuttings to produce strong, healthy seedlings and growth.

Tree-planting compost is like a soil improver and it is meant for working into the ground before planting trees and shrubs, as an alternative to garden compost. For trees in containers, avoid peat-based composts as they do not promote good drainage.   

Melcourt Professional Topgrow Tree & Shrub Compost This is 100% peat free with balanced slow release nutrients.   
TPMC Tree Planting & Mulching Compost 
This has been designed to help overcome tree & shrub establishment problems. Contains peat.   
Sinclair Tree & Shrub Planting Medium (peat based)

Nursery Stock 
The term ‘Nursery Stock’ refers to growing media which has been graded according to need, such as for seedlings and small plants. Often nursery stock contains incorporated bark and other additives. The general rule of thumb is the finer the particle size the smaller the pot.    

In a peat-based nursery stock compost, bark is used to open up the structure and reduce the peat content. In a peat-free nursery stock compost, bark may be the only component used.   
Sinclair Container Nursery Stock Compost 
This is a coarse grade growing medium with bark and grit. Recommended for both ericaceous and non-ericaceous species.                         
Levington General Container Nursery Stock Compost
This is made up of a blend of 0-10mm and 6-12mm particles of peat allowing it to flow readily into smaller pots yet retain a reasonable open structure for drainage.     
Melcourt Soil Improver 
This is an organic, natural soil improver which is excellent for adding organic matter and enhancing the fertility of soils. Use for digging in to flower beds and enriching the vegetable patch. On most soils this is best incorporated by cultivation in March and April, just before growth starts. Spread soil improver evenly onto the soil surface to a depth of not less than 50mm, then thoroughly incorporate into at least the top 150mm of soil.   
Melcourt Topsoil 
This is a high quality soil, consisting of sandy loam and organic matter, suitable for a wide range of professional and domestic applications, such as topping up the garden or filling raised beds. Not to be used for filling patio pots or containers.   
Coir Blocks 
Most familiar as a liner for hanging baskets, coir comes from coconuts and is also used increasingly as a potting soil or as an ingredient in potting mixes. For use with seeds, the mix should not contain more than 40% coir. The coir bricks must be soaked before use, according to package instructions.

This type of compost is specifically for lime-hating plants for example Heathers, Rhododendrons, Azaleas & Camellias in containers. 

These are for plants, in containers, with specific nutrient and moisture requirements - Indoor Plants, Orchid, Cacti, Bonsai Bulb. 

Sinclair Alpine, Herbaceous & Cyclamen Compost 
This is an easily managed peat-bark growing medium suitable for a wide range of alpine and herbaceous perennials. Not suitable for ericaceous species 

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