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Are you Strulching?

This innovative product is made from wheat straw and is suitable for all gardens including organic.
It is long lasting (up to 2 years) and blends in well when applied to a border as it is a good earthy brown in colour!

Applied as a 3-4 cm layer around border plants, the need to weed almost completely disappears. Strulch improves moisture retention around plants and enriches the soil and improves structure, creating stronger healthier plants.

Borders mulched with Strulch also deliver the added bonus of protecting your plants from slug and snail attacks, as they don’t seem to enjoy ‘walking’ across the mulch.

Strulch is a great allrounder and can be applied across flower and shrub borders, around fruit and even in the vegetable garden!

Best applied from late winter through to spring!

Now available to buy

Strulch, the experts choice as used by RHS Gardens at Wisley, is now available to buy on our site. Each 100l bag covers approximately 3 square metres.

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