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Child-friendly Gardening Jobs

Are your kids bouncing off the walls or just won’t put their technology down? We get it! Why not get them into the garden?

Running out of things to do with the kids during lockdown?

Well, 5 weeks since the schools closed and no visits to Nanny and Grandads... We get it! At this point, your kids are either bouncing off the walls or just won’t put their technology down.
As an extension of your home, your garden is the perfect place for them to get fresh air, play and learn. We're spoilt with the weather during this difficult time, so make the most of it!

We’ve put together some child-friendly jobs to get your little ones out enjoying the garden.

1.      Watering

It’s safe to say it’s getting a little warmer outside, with signs of summer in the air and very little rain, your plants could probably do with a nice drink. So fill up a watering can, or even a bottle filled with water and send them off to give those plants a good old splash!

Need to keep them busy for longer? They can make the watering can!

Fashioning a watering can from a plastic bottle to make your own watering can is quick and easy, just find an appropriate size bottle (think milk bottle!) and poke some holes in the cap. Hey presto!

Alternatively If you're using a 1.5L/2L bottle with no handle, poke holes around the neck of the bottle but try not to go too far down the side of bottle. Poke the holes sizes relative to your ideal rose or nozzle depending on what you're watering.

Once engineered, simply fill up with water and tip it upside down!

2.     Weeding

Weeding might not be the most glamorous job in the world, but it needs to be done, and creating a game from it can make it fun! The more players the quicker the weeding.
Dig out a bucket from the shed for each participant, and see who can pick the the most weeds by the time there is none left in the beds, the lawn or the patio. If there's any question to who won, then it's time for a rematch with the front lawn.  Not only will it give them something to do ,but you’ll be surprised how quickly the weeds disappear when it’s a game!

To make the game easier now the kids are playing...

1. Wet the soil before weeding, it allows you to loosen the weed and its root easily
2. Grab the weed by the base of the plant, right down as far as you can (don't grab by the leaves!)
3. Once you've got a firm hold, wiggle and twist it, then pull!

3.    Planting & growing

Not just to make light work for yourself, but getting the little ones involved in planting bulbs, seeds or plugs are great introductory lessons and jobs to start them on their gardening journey - especially if you can allocate them their own patch to take responsibility for.

If they're impatient and want fast results, perhaps start them off with the easiest and fastest such as cress, sunflowers and salad seeds, then when their fingers start turning green move them on to  those that require a bit more looking after - but not pruning roses yet!

Need to keep them busy for longer? It's time to grow Cress Heads!

1. Clean out an old yoghurt pot or eggshell, and get the kids to decorate them to look like a face.
2. Wet paper towel or cotton wool and place it inside the pot or shell. (Leave a 3 cm gap between the growing medium and the top
3. Sprinkle cress seeds onto the growing medium and gently press them down.
4. Place the cress heads into a sunny spot by a window and water daily
5. In around 10 days time you'll have a funky cress head! Once the cress reaches about 10cm, chop it off and add it to your sandwich for lunch!

4.     Labelling

It might not seem like a big deal, but it can be very easy to forget which plant is which when they're lined up in the greenhouse, either waiting to sprout or with multiple varieties of single plants you won't be able to tell apart until they further mature. So, grab some lollypop sticks and get your children to label them! 

Doing so will help them learn plant names, give them a sense of contribution, and encourage them to show more of an interest in those plants. 

It's time to get creative!

Get creative with their labels, with paints and colour to draw the veggie or fruit that will eventually appear on the plant! It is fun and educational!

Gear up and grab some seeds!

Great gardens always start with seeds, grab a few packs today.

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