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Everything you need to know about Jiffy Peat-Free Retail Mix

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Formulated by Fargro's Growing Media and Fertiliser Specialist, Sean Whitworth, for use in your garden this season!
At The Garden Superstore, we understand what your garden means to you and are passionate about helping gardeners on their peat-free journey. We only stock the very best gardening essentials on the market, each specially sourced and selected by the team in our parent company, Fargro.

Fargro is one of the UK's leading horticultural wholesalers, supplying reliable, no-nonsense products to professional growers throughout the UK. The very same items being used daily by professional gardeners and successful growers are here on our shelves ready for you to use. 

We believe with the right support and equipment, you and your garden can grow, thrive, and flourish to bigger and better levels.

Thanks to Sean, we have formulated a premium peat-free mix for the retail market, read on to find out more.

What is Jiffy Peat-Free Retail Mix?
Quite simply, this premium peat-free mix is made from a specialist blend of wood fibres, coir, ecocom (RHP accredited, professional quality green waste), as well as base and organic fertilisers. This mix also includes a wetting agent, which is important to retaining soil moisture, essential to helping plant root zones to establish and thrive.

Where should I use Jiffy Peat-Free Retail Mix and how does it compare to other peat-free composts?
Jiffy Peat-Free Retail Mix can be used for a variety of purposes, from growing in pots and planters to planting up hanging baskets and beyond. The key ingredient of the wetting agent keeps the compost from drying out, resulting in quicker and stronger root establishment, unlike other peat-free composts where this can be an issue. 

What makes this particular peat-free mix different?
With peat-free compost, essential nitrogen is lost due to leeching and the soil drying out. Peat-based composts act as a buffer by holding water and nutrients within the soil, so this retail mix essentially mimics this behaviour without the use of peat, while minimising the issue of leeching that many peat-free composts face. 

Fargro have formulated the ingredients to include organic fertilisers and wetting agents, so it is four times less likely to leech essential nutrients and moisture, resulting in an even spread of the rooting system resulting in plants with more vigour.

Proven results
Jiffy Peat-Free Retail Mix works so well, Sean's grandson wanted to showcase the sunflowers he has grown using the very same compost mentioned in this article!

We are so pleased to be able to offer this brand new peat-free mix for use this season. Order a bag today and see the results for yourself!

Jiffy Peat-Free Retail Mix

This specialist mix has been formulated by Fargro's Growing Media and Fertiliser Specialist, Sean Whitworth, for use in your garden this season! 

Contains a blend of wood fibres, coir and ecocom, as well as base and organic fertilisers. Also contains a wetting agent.

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