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Get greener grass with DCM Xtra-Mix 1

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Looking for a lush lawn this year?
Well, the grass can be greener on your side of the fence with DCM Xtra-Mix 1, so how does it work? With DCM's unique mini-granule, MINIGRAN®, it ensures a uniform and better distribution of the fertiliser or soil improver. Studies have shown that this distribution is 60% more effective, resulting in better rooting and better plant growth.

Suitable for use in beds, borders and on lawns resulting in better rooting and plant growth. Give your garden a new lease of life withDCM Xtra-Mix 1 and see the results for yourself!

▪ Organic fertiliser for bedding plants and vegetables
▪ Suitable for use on lawns
▪ Contains NPK nutrients (high nitrogen)
▪ Urea-formaldehyde controls the release of nitrogen
▪ Lasts up to 3-5 months
▪ Can be applied in March and August

"The first pic is from 10th of August and the last two from 1st of September. So in 3 weeks time and I had my dream lawn! I used your fertiliser DCM Xtra Mix 1 (16-3-8) and it's the best product ever for the lawn. I used an evergreen spreader and about 5 to 7kg of fertiliser for my front garden. It's about 10 by 10m around 100 m2, more or less." - Customer review

Get greener grass with DCM Xtra-Mix 1

Organic fertiliser for beds & borders or vegetable plots. DCM Xtra-Mix 1 has a combination of NPK nutrients (16-3-8) with high nitrogen for quick growth and improved photosynthesis and organic matter to provide slow release. DCM Xtra-Mix 1 has urea-formaldehyde for controlled release of nitrogen to the soil for up to 3-5 months.

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