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Grow a greener garden with PlantGrow

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Find out how you can grow stronger, healthier plants while improving your soils delicate ecosystem
When it comes to gardening, soil is the basis for everything you love to grow, and we all know about the benefits that insects such as worms, woodlice, and slugs provide in recycling organic waste.

The lesser known yet vital role played by microscopic bacteria and fungi also contributes massively to the process of creating healthy, nutrient rich soil. These microscopic helpers make up the soil’s ‘microbiome’, and while they may be little, they certainly pack a punch when it comes to benefitting the environment and ensuring your plants have everything they need to grow.

The overall condition of this soil microbiome is a key step in ensuring the richness of soil, which benefits plants and their root systems through the uptake of nutrients and water which is essential to healthy and uniform growth.

To survive and thrive, these ecologically important soil microbiomes require a steady supply of organic matter which they feed on, break down the nutrients back into the soil. Therefore, maintaining and monitoring the overall health and function of your soil is a key aspect to ensuring you are getting the best out of it.  When you utilise the process of products made using anaerobic digestion, natural fertilisers are created to boost the overall quality of standard soils and kick-start poor soils back into life.

PlantGrow is in your corner when it comes to organic, sustainable compost that aids and improves soil health, while nurturing the key aspects of the ecosystem.

These stellar, organic gardening essentials are trusted by none other than BBC Radio Norfolk, Suffolk, and Devon’s ‘Bug Man’, Dr Ian Bedford, who shared with us first-hand how PlantGrow’s range of organic composts have benefitted his garden exponentially and shown such positive results. This is all thanks to those incredibly important soil microbes within the microbiome and how its health promotes stronger, healthier roots that result in lush plants that are full of life.

“This is the product for gardeners who want to see their gardens function as naturally balanced ecosystems, where biodiverse food chains can develop and where the herbivorous plant pests are controlled at plant safe levels by the creatures higher up the food chain that depend on them for their own survival."  

"By avoiding the broad-spectrum pesticides, chemical fungicides, herbicides and fertilisers, the natural systems can soon start to build, and our gardens can then contribute greatly to the nature recovery programmes and help the country’s declining biodiversity.”  

“PlantGrow’s compost helps to re-establish the natural systems within the soil by starting from the bottom and working up. It 100% works and I am so impressed with the results.”

Dr Ian Bedford's lush garden with the aid of PlantGrow products

PlantGrow’s range of composts and fertilisers are a unique and environmentally friendly way of aiding your soil’s overall health – all thanks to these important natural microbiomes creating an ideal growing environment, and in an eco-friendly way.

Grow a greener garden with PlantGrow

Find out for yourself how PlantGrow's incredible essentials can benefit your garden all year round with our brand-new range of their high-quality products.

If you would like to know more about Dr Ian Bedford's work or attend one of his Garden Club Talks please click the link below.

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