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How does MO Bacter work?

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A definitive guide to MO Bacter, and the results from our own experience using it in the garden.

What is MO Bacter?

MO Bacteris a slow-release organic lawn fertiliser that will feed your lawn, destroy moss and improve your soil. It is RHS approved and highly regarded amongst the gardening community as an effective lawn fertiliser, coming in a granular form it will feed your lawn for three months, and is available in 10kg or 20kg size bags. It is harmless to animals and wildlife, won't harm your border plants, is safe for children to play on the lawn after application, and won't stain your patio.

How does MO Bacter work?

MO Bactergranules break down upon rain or watering to release nutrients into your soil and feed your grass. It contains an increased dose of potassium, which the lawn moss can't handle, which is ingested by the moss causing it to shut down. The moss then decomposes (without turning black) and is consumed by the safe bacteria active ingredient in the MO Bacter, turning the dead moss debris into real food for your lawn. There is no raking required due to the moss being consumed, and where the moss once was, there is space for new grass to grow. 

What are the ingredients?

MO Bacteris a compound organic-based NPK fertiliser made up of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a 5-5-20 (+3% MgO) formulation with added bacteria (bacillus spp.) found naturally in soils. 
  • 5% Nitrogen (N) made up of 3.5% organic nitrogen derived from feather meal and cacao shells, and 1.5% ammonium nitrogen.
  • 5% phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)
  • 20% potassium oxide (K2O)
  • 3% magnesium oxide (MgO)
  • 25% organic matter derived from feather meal and cacao shells

How much do I need to treat my lawn?

Apply to your lawn direct by the handful or using a spreader, at a rate of 100-150gms per square metre. A 10kg bag will treat between 68 and 100 square metres and a 20kg bag between 135 and 200 square metres.MO Bacterwill feed your lawn for 100 days.

Can I mow after applying? Or what about overseeding?

Cut your grass short before application, and do not mow for 1 week after. It is recommended to over-seed after 4 weeks to fill any bare patches.

When do I apply it?

The recommended time to apply MO Bacter is from March to October, so throughout spring and summer. It is activated by watering, so if it doesn't rain for a week once you've applied it's advised to water your lawn. Damp warm conditions are perfect, with MO Bacter working best when the soil reaches a temperature of 10-degree celsius. Many gardeners apply late summer and early autumn to help prepare the grass for winter.

Tested by Wimbledon Head Groundsman, Eddie Stewart

"I have tested their products and find that they really do what it says on the tin, so I have no hesitation in recommending their use."

And widely used by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

We put MO Bacter to our own test, and here are the results

Here at The Garden Superstore we only sell products we know work. And what better way to show this than to use it ourselves and take before and after shots on a lawn that needs some care and attention. 
Let's start with the before photo. You can see here the lawn is in need of fertilising, it is thirsty and shows many patches of moss. 

To make it a fair test and really see how well MO Bacter works, we decided to treat just half of the lawn so we could compare the area treated with the area untreated. This next photo was taken 2-3 weeks after the above, which was taken on the day of application. The top half is the treated area, and the lower half untreated. The whole lawn received the same watering treatment whether by rain or hose. 

At this time the moss is dying off and the improved quality of the grass is noticeable, with the treated area beginning to look much thicker and greener.

And here is the after picture, taken 7 weeks after application. Most of the moss has died off and the lawn is thick and full of lush green colour. We're happy with this lawn transformation!

To conclude

MO Bacter is highly regarded by gardeners for a great reason, it does what it is supposed to, it fertilises your lawn whilst killing off the moss. With a proven NPK formulation and moss eating bacteria, our test lawn saw great results. 

Available in 10kg or 20kg size bags

The 10kg bag

A 10kg bag will treat between 68 and 100 square metres of lawn.

The 20kg bag

A 20kg bag will treat between 135 and 200 square metres of lawn.

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