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How to plant a hanging basket

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Give your garden a spring transformation with our step by step guide to planting up a hanging basket!
In this article, we walk you through how to create your own beautiful baskets at home, so, get your gloves on, grab your equipment and let's get planting! 


Our hanging basket is made up of peat-free compost, two varieties of pansies, heather and ivy.

Prepare your basket
If you're using a rattan hanging basket, cut a few holes into the inside liner so that water can drain out. if you're using a plastic hanging pot, just check it has drainage holes. If it doesn't have drainage holes, add these in quickly with a drill and a steady hand.  

Get your gloves on

Next, fill up the basket to around halfway with an all-purpose or basket compost, remember to fluff up the compost if it's the first time opening the bag to mix up all the goodness inside. 

Plant it out
Add your biggest and most stand out plant in the middle of the basket as these will help to create an impact and a structure in which to build your other plants around, a dynamic centre plant gives a great focal point to work with.

Next, evenly space some luscious trailing plants to add texture and height such as trailing lobelia, verbena or fuchsia around the sides of the basket. 

Leftover space?
Pansies, begonia, nemesia make fantastic filler plants and why not add some ivy for hardy, evergreen foliage all year round. Fill any remaining gaps with compost and firm gently to secure. 

All that is left is to hang up your basket in a sunny spot that is sheltered from the wind and away you go!

Don't forget to feed and water your basket regularly and keep an eye on any flowers which may require deadheading to encourage more blooms. 

Hanging Basket Essentials

 Sylvagrow Sustainable Compost

This peat-free compost is environmentally friendly. The quality loam, bark, wood fibre, coir and sand mix provide balanced fertiliser and water needs to plants. SHOP NOW

Foremost Professional Multi-Purpose

This peat-based potting compost is ideal for containers whether patio pots or hanging baskets or use in tubs and troughs. 


Sinclair Potting/
bedding Compost

A multi-purpose, peat-based compost for hanging baskets and patio tubs & containers as well as for feeding garden flower beds.


Sinclair Coir Potting and Bedding

This peat-free growing medium from Sinclair is good for hanging baskets. Also suitable as a general-purpose compost for bed and borders and vegetable patches. SHOP NOW

14" Black Metal Bracket

Designed to be firmly fixed to an exterior wall, which is a relatively simple task, and are pre-drilled with fixing holes.

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14" Round Wire Hanging Basket

Our wire baskets have an excellent reputation for their strong build and quality finish. Supplied with a 3-way dog clip chain. 
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14" Round Coco Basket Liners

Pre-shaped for convenience. Made from long-lasting coco fibres with latex coating.

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Black Rattan Hanging Basket 14"

Natural rattan with integral liner and chains.
Diameter: 14" (35.5cm)

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Calista Hanging Basket 25cm - Vintage Rust Effect

This Calista hanging basket with its unique modern design would be a stylish addition to your garden or balcony, ideal for your small shrubs and plants.
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