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Find out what to do in your garden now.


Ornamental Garden:
  • If the ground is waterlogged, then keep off the soil to avoid compaction and worsening the conditions.
  • If snow falls – do not let the snow sit on the shrubs, gently shake off to prevent damage.
  • Prune bush or standard apples and pears, aiming to create an open framework of about 5 main branches.
  • Sweet peas can be sown this month and those sown in the autumn can be potted on. Place them in a sunny greenhouse, cold frame or windowsill.
  • Plan annual cut flowers for the borders.
  • Mulch borders if not already done in autumn.
  • Plant deciduous hedges.
  • Move deciduous trees and shrubs if necessary.
  • Ensure protective coverings such as fleece / mulch have remained in place over frost tender plants.
  • Avoid walking on turf when the grass is covered with frost or is waterlogged.

Vegetable Garden:
  • Protect brassicas from pigeons with cloches, netting or fleece.
  • Harvest Winter veg such as parsnip, swede, sprouts, leeks and turnip.
  • Remove one third of the oldest stems of blackcurrants at ground level to encourage new basal shoots.

Written by: Alex Bell, www.alexbellgardendesign.co.uk

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