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Landscaping with Decorative Garden Stones

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Ideas for using decorative stones as part of your landscaping scheme
There are many ways to use decorative stones in your garden. They can be incorporated into any design to help define an area and they are also useful for retaining moisture but, most of all, they are very low maintenance. When used over large areas, in conjunction with weed control fabric, they also help keep your garden looking good longer, with less effort.

Landscaping with pebbles and cobbles

Some ideas for using decorative stones in your garden include:

• A thin row alongside a path and a bed to help define the edges or even to create a border definition to separate a hedge and a path, for example. 

• White pebbles are particularly effective when used alongside an expanse of green lawn

• Plant low growing grasses next to an area of stones for a stark contrast

As one season’s planting transitions into the next, you can sometimes be left with holes in the border but the addition of pebbles will help to fill unsightly gaps. 

Combining a mixture of colours and textures allows you to add visual interest, especially in areas that are overly dry or simply too shady.  

If you are starting a new planting scheme or creating an entirely new garden from scratch, introducing pebbles and cobbles can help to make a garden look more established quite quickly.  

Pebbles and cobbles help the soil to retain moisture so if you are looking to plant a drought garden or simply define an area that tends to be quite dry, a bed of stones planted with lavender and grasses for year-round interest is an excellent solution. 

With such a range of colours and textures to choose from, everyone can enhance the appearance of their garden easily and quickly, at any time of year. 

We stock a wide range of decorative stone

Decorative Cobbles

Decorative cobbles are the largest size stones you'll find for garden use, available in a range of colours, styles and sizes.

Decorative Pebbles

Hard wearing and available in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes, decorative pebbles are the ideal choice for many uses in the garden.

Decorative Gravel Aggregates

Available in a wide range of colours and chipping sizes, decorative crushed gravel has a neat and tidy appearance.

Decorative Slate Chippings

Decorative slate chippings are incredibly versatile, so are often used to line border paths and driveways. Available in a range of colours.
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Comments (2)

Have you got more info/leaflet regarding : how to design a garden, by use of decorative stones/clippings. Plus do you stock Flamingo clippings & Flamingo stones. What is the price per bag.

The Garden Superstore14/07/21
Hi Zafar, thanks for your comment, you can find a bit more information on landscaping and styling the garden in this guide here: www.thegardensuperstore.co.uk/advice-and-inspiration/styling-your-garden-for-summer.

You can also find more information on both the Flamingo pebbles and chippings here: www.thegardensuperstore.co.uk/search?q=flamingo

Our customer service team are available at: help@thegardensuperstore.co.uk if you have any further questions at all.

^ The Garden Superstore

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