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October Jobs

Find out what to do in your garden now.


Ornamental Garden:
  • Mulch borders with compost if not done in the spring.
  • Continue deadheading if weather is mild.
  • Remove fallen leaves from roses to prevent blackspot.
  • Continue to tidy borders of weeds and leaves.
  • Transplant any plants that need to be moved.
  • Plant spring bulbs such as daffodils etc. But NOT tulips – wait until November to avoid tulip blight.
  • Lift and divide perennials.  
  • Plant up containers etc. for winter bedding displays.
  • Apply autumn lawn feed etc.
  • Now is a good time to plant trees and shrubs – the soil is moist and warm.
  • Sow sweet peas under glass.
  • Can lift summer flowering bulbs / tubers and overwinter in greenhouse or can heavily mulch plants and leave in the ground. E.g. gladioli, dahlia, canna.
  • Cut back herbaceous perennials as they die back.
  • Prune climbing roses to avoid wind rock.
  • Refill bird feeders regularly.
  • Install insect hotels / log piles.

Vegetable Garden:
  • Begin planting garlic
  • Apply fleece to late season crops when frost is forecast.
  • Lift and divide rhubarb.
  • Clear away old foliage of strawberries to prevent pest and diseases.
  • Pot up herbs and take into frost free greenhouse or windowsill to continue cropping through the winter.  
  • Complete planting onion setts and plant out spring cabbage.
  • Harvest squash and pumpkin if not already done so.

Written by: Alex Bell, www.alexbellgardendesign.co.uk

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