October Gardening

The products other gardeners are buying for this months gardening jobs

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Now we're into October, the dark nights will draw in, the clocks will go back and we may encounter the first frost. But do not despair, we're graced by the lovely autumnal colours, the days can still be glorious sunshine, and there is still plenty to do out in the garden. Now is the time to...

Pamper your soil 

Provide nutrients, balance Ph and improve drainage

Feed Your Plants and Lawn

Rejuvenate after the long summer, and prepare for winter


Tuck Up Your Border Plants

Protect roots from the inevitable drop in temperature and help regulate moisture


Apply The Finishing Touches

A tidy alternative to bark mulch, in regulating moisture and preventing weeds


And Embrace Autumn Gardening

As gardeners, we have to love all seasons!

October Gardening Jobs

This month is all about mulching, dead-heading, tidying borders and feeding the plants and lawn ready for winter. To help you stay on top of your gardening jobs this October, we have a helpful guide of everything that will need your attention when you're next out in the garden.

Ps, now is the time to sow sweet peas under glass, and don't forget to refill bird feeders regularly.

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