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Flamingo Pebbles / Gravel 20mm-50mm 20kg

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Product information

Flamingo Pebbles® add a sparkle to the garden in shades of pink, cream and grey. Flamingo Pebbles® can be used in pots & containers as a gravel pot topper or dressing. The light colours of this gravel make a good contrast against darker pots or garden structures.

What are Flamingo Pebbles®?

Flamingo Pebbles® is an exclusive product that is produced from recycled materials. The stones are tumbled to give the same appearance as natural pebbles have when they have been rounded by the sea.

  • Flamingo Pebbles® or gravel for gardens
  • Predominantly pink, cream and light grey gravel stones
  • Produced from recycled materials

Technical specifications

Bag size25kg
A depth of 75mm covers 0.16m2 / 1.75 sq ft