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It's no secret that creating a beautiful garden or growing your own vegetables takes time, dedication and passion. With the ever-changing seasons there is always something new to get excited about and give your attention to.

At The Garden Superstore we understand what your garden means to you, and are passionate about sharing our expert, in-depth knowledge to help you on your gardening journey.

Our journey started at Fargro, one of the UK’s leading horticultural wholesalers, supplying reliable, no-nonsense products to professional growers throughout the UK. The very same items being used daily by professional gardeners and successful growers are here on our shelves, ready for you to order today, and start using tomorrow. Because of our backing from Fargro - and because we are still based in the same building - we are able to share what they know about gardening with you too.

We only stock the very best gardening products available. We know that the composts, pots, tools, ground cover, and everything else that we sell is of the highest quality, because it has been sourced and selected by the expert team in our parent company, Fargro.

When you become our customer you also become a part of our community of expert gardeners who have access to Fargro specialist know-how.