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It's no secret that spending time outdoors with nature does great things for our mind and bodies, researchers say that spending just two hours a week outside has been linked to better health and overall wellbeing. The benefits of spending time outside are fantastic and gardening can be a great way of nurturing your mental health and wellbeing, not just your plants.

Gardening is a magnificent way to build confidence and self esteem, learn new skills, expand knowledge of nature and conservation as well as providing the physical benefits of exercise, and If you're growing fruit and veg it provides a healthy, nutritious bounty for yourself, friends and family too.

 If you don't have access to your own outdoor space, how about joining a community garden or allotment -  the added benefit of joining a community can reduce loneliness and isolation while building a sense of community and trust. In fact, you don't even need a garden to enjoy growing and planting, if you only have a balcony or even a windowsill, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy gardening within your space.

We've listed some organisations that offer a wide range of support to those in need, click through the buttons below see some of the wonderful work they are doing to support communities and individuals alike.


"When life hands you dirt, plant seeds" - Matshona Dhliwayo

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Our range of pots and planters are perfect for seed sowing, pricking and potting. 



Our wide variety of compost ranges from specialist to peat-free and everything in between. 



We stock a wide variety of flower, vegetable, organic and herb seeds. 



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Inspiring Articles

How to start your own compost heap at home

Compost is such a valuable addition to your garden, not only is it bursting with nutrients to help with lawn & plant growth but it also aids depleted soil, giving it a brand new lease of life. Managing a compost heap or bin is easy, excellent for the environment and also helps to reduce unnecessary landfill waste.

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Growing vegetables and plants from seeds

Raising young plants from seed can be very satisfying and is a cost effective way of producing large numbers of bedding and vegetable plants and a wide range of hardy annuals and herbaceous perennials for your garden. 
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Sponsorship projects

An interview with Tree Action's Ricky Purnell

Tree Action is a not for profit community interest company that organises tree planting events in schools, colleges, and public spaces in Sussex and on private land to improve the environment, tackle climate change and improve the mental wellbeing of young people through connecting them with nature.


Full Circle Farms: an Interview with Farmer Tom

Full Circle Farms is a truly unique farm based in West Sussex set up by Tom Morphew, also known as Farmer Tom. An initiative running alongside Full Circle Farm is The Garden Army, which is supported by a group of volunteers drawn from the local community to help to create their vision, which is ultimately be a beautiful therapeutic farm and kitchen garden for all.
We spoke with Tom to find out a bit more about the work he, and the volunteers are doing to help nurture plants as well as mental health and wellbeing!


Helping to grow a community during lockdown

All through lockdown, David and Karen Cottrell have grown small plants for passers-by to grow on in their own gardens. "We have had many good comments about what I have done, and many families have asked me to do the same again this year. Since then, we wanted to utilise the extra time that we had to benefit ourselves and also our community. We like to help in any way we can in our village."

"While spending more time in the garden than usual we planted extra seeds and plants to share with people who were out for their daily walks. We found that families were out and about more so we grew things like cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and passion flowers (Things that the children could get enthusiastic about growing) It was a huge success! We had many requests to do the same again this year, but we had no planting cells left as people had taken them and binned them after replanting."

"This is where The Garden Superstore stepped in and donated loads of 9 cell planters to our cause. This growing season has been very slow so far as the weather has been very cold for the seeds and plants to establish but now finally, we are putting out young plants for our neighbours and passers-by to grow on."

"Thank you once again The Garden Superstore for helping us with our literally growing community venture. "

Tangmere Community Garden

The Garden Superstore proudly sponsored this wonderful community space recently with some essential gardening supplies and look forward to hearing updates from the team as the season progresses!

Located in Tangmere, West Sussex is a community garden dedicated to growing and nurturing so much more than just plants. We spoke to member, Kate Beach, to find out more about the space and the close-knit community behind this project!


Lindengate Mental Health Charity

We're pleased to announce we recently sponsored Lindengate Mental Health Charity with some essentials to help their horticulture team get the gardens ready for spring!

Take a look at their team in action via the button below!


Hackney Church Gardens

We are proud to be sponsoring Hackney Church Gardens in their project to bring gardening to their community of volunteers during these challenging times. They usually run weekly gardening sessions but due to lockdown restrictions, this has unfortunately been put on hold for the time being. 

To find out more about the fantastic work of Hackney Church Gardens and how to get involved, click the button below!

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Lodsworth & District Garden Club

Jo is the chairman of the Lodsworth & District Garden Club and is and responsible for ordering compost for the club members and is a volunteer for Perennial and helped out at Walberton Open Farm Sunday a few years ago.
"When lockdown hit I contacted Camilla at Walberton, she put me in touch with Steve Carter who confirmed they had lots of plants available. In the last year, I have taken over £9,500 for the charity from my drive in Lodsworth. At the end of last year, I collected over a hundred Peonies from Fleurie and as they needed repotting, I asked for donations of some compost, which The Garden Superstore very kindly provided and we got busy!"

"We are hoping to continue as the plants sell like hotcakes. We make no profit from the sales and keep a few of the plants for our gardens. Over Easter, we took almost £300 and are aiming for £10,000."

If you would like to find out more about Lodsworth & District Garden club, click the button below!
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Darren's charity cycle for Mayfield Nursery

"During covid having to work from home has been a change, and certainly a challenge. Having Mayfield Nursery as a customer keeps mental health and wellbeing at the forefront of one's mind.

Now we are starting to come out the other side of lockdown, it's a good time to consider the mental health and wellbeing of all those we are involved with, from family, friends, colleagues, customers and others during daily interactions.

Mayfield Nurseries supports people with mental health issues and dementia to improve their well-being through horticulture, A plant nursery based in Weston, Southampton, they work as one team to produce award-winning plants, creating a supportive environment to learn new skills and develop confidence.

That is why Fargro's Area Sales Manager, Darren Langley has decided to give something back and what better way than to spend a whole week on the bike, cycling from Chichester into Portsmouth, Southampton and the New Forest over several days. All while helping to raise some awareness for two customers who give back every day. 

If you could donate anything it would be great, but this is just as much about raising awareness too. If you are unable to donate please share and inform someone about the work both Mind and Mayfield Nurseries do for those in the community."

Inspiring the next generation of gardeners

We recently found out about 7-year-old Ethan who absolutely loves gardening. From a young age, Ethan has enjoyed being outside in the garden and even got his very own walk-in PVC greenhouse for Christmas so he could continue to plant and grow vegetables and various plants. Ethan is very clear about how gardening is good for his mind and makes him happy and even started making videos on YouTube to share his passion with the world!

Green-fingered Ethan and his parents have been working with his school to run a project from the existing school garden and greenhouse so that all students can feel the benefits of gardening. Ethan's mum, Rebecca, said "We feel really passionate about gardening being part of the curriculum. Every child should have the opportunity to feel the benefits of gardening and outside space so we’re hoping with this project they will."

We're pleased to have been able to sponsor Ethan with a few products to help him and his peers to get stuck into some gardening goodness, keep up the great work!

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow: We recently donated pots to Tree Action UK to sponsor their latest tree planting project at Warden Park Secondary Academy. Their smashing students repotted some self-seeding oaks as part of the project. Well done to all involved!

Sponsorship opportunities

Are you a gardening charity or organisation? Get in touch with us using the form via the button below and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss further. 

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Green-fingered organisations


Lindengate is a Buckinghamshire-based registered charity that offers specialised gardening activities to help those with mental health needs in their continuing recovery.

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Growing well, Kendal

Growing Well is a farm-based Mental Health charity near Kendal, who provide a safe supportive working environment to nurture mental health recovery. 

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Carry on Gardening

Thrive is a national charity that uses gardening to change lives. We want people with a disability or underlying health issue to start or continue gardening and we believe passionately in the power of gardening to change lives.

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The Therapy Garden

The Therapy Garden is a horticulture and education charity that work with adults and teenagers with learning difficulties, physical disabilities and mental health challenges and offer teenagers interventional education opportunities.
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Greenfingers Charity

Greenfingers is a national charity dedicated to supporting life-limited children who spend time in hospices around the UK, along with their families, by creating inspiring gardens for them to relax in and benefit from.

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Tree Action

Tree Action is a not for profit community interest company that organises tree planting events in schools, colleges, public spaces and on private land to improve the environment, tackle climate change and improve the mental wellbeing of young people through connecting them with nature.
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The Conservation Volunteers

Every day, The Conservation Volunteers works across the UK to create healthier and happier communities for everyone. 

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Nature4Health is project which uses the power of the natural environment to reduce loneliness, social isolation and improve wellbeing.

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Core Landscapes London

Core Landscapes transforms vacant land in deprived urban areas into hubs for community engagement through horticulture, design, workshops, training and events – improving physical health, mental health, wellbeing and community cohesion.

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Sydenham Garden

Sydenham Garden enables people to improve their quality of life, social interaction and physical and mental health in a supportive community environment.

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Veterans' Growth

Veterans’ Growth works with veterans from the tri-services who suffer with mental health issues. The charity aims to provide treatment and support to veterans who are unable to access help and support from the NHS or other charitable organisations, or those for whom existing treatments have been unsuccessful.
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Gardening for Disabled Trust

Gardening for Disabled Trust aims to help people back into gardening in spite of disability. They give out grants so that people can adapt their gardens and make gardening possible.  Their clients say that it can change their lives, enhance their well-being and help them defy their disability.

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