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Ebony Black Decorative Stones 30mm-60mm 20kg

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Product information

Black decorative stones for gardening. Ebony Black are charcoal grey/black garden stone chippings for use on driveways and paths in contemporary gardens. Charcoal grey when dry and black when wet. Ebony Black garden stone chippings are 30mm-60mm in size.

Black Decorative Stone

Black decorative stone makes a great contrast against plantings or white walls and buildings in a garden landscape. Black decorative stone is also popular for pot toppers on containers in contemporary settings.

  • Black decorative stone (charcoal grey when dry)
  • Ebony Black garden stone chippings for driveways and paths
  • Great for contrast in contemporary settings
  • 30mm-60mm stone chippings

Technical specifications

Bag size20kg

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