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Berthoud Nozzle Tip Kit - Cone

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Product information

Nozzle tip kit for Berthoud knapsack sprayers. Berthoud Cone Nozzle Tip Kit includes four cone jet nozzles (red, green, yellow and black) and a nozzle cap.

Berthoud Nozzle Kit includes:

Red Cone Jet Nozzle Tip 18/10
Green Cone Jet Nozzle Tip 10/10
Yellow Cone Jet Nozzle Tip 12/10
Black Cone Jet Nozzle Tip 15/10

Sprayer Cone Nozzle Tips

Cone Nozzle tips spray evenly over the area that is being treated. The spray widens out the further it gets from the sprayer nozzle, forming a cone shape.

  • Nozzle tip kit for Berthoud knapsack sprayers
  • Includes four cone jet tips and a nozzle cap
  • One of wide range of parts & accessories