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Treegator Tree Watering Bag 75L

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Product information

Treegator® tree watering bag for newly planted or mature trees. The Treegator® Drip Irrigation Bag slowly releases water to the tree. 75 litres water capacity. Two bags can be zipped together to make a ‘double bag’ for larger trees circumferences.

Minimum tree diameter of 1 inch to maximum of 8 inches and branches at least 25 inches from the ground.

Tree Watering Bags

Tree watering bags prevent overwatering and underwatering of trees, both of which are unhealthy, by slowly releasing water to the tree over hours. Saves time spent on watering. Fill your Treegator® watering bag once a week for healthy tree growth.

  • Treegator® tree watering bag
  • 75 litre water capacity
  • Drip feeds tree for up to 9 hours
  • Fill once a week