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Rubber Tree Ties Super Soft 30cm x 10

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Product information

Rubber tree ties to fasten trees to supporting stakes in the garden. Super soft tree ties prevent damage to trees. UV stabilised and weather resistant, these tree ties can last up to 12 years. Super soft tree ties have grooves that reduce bark damage and the tree ties fasten into a figure eight, providing padding between tree and stake 30cm rubber tree ties in a pack of 10.

Rubber Tree Ties

Rubber is not only a soft material for tree ties but it also expands around the tree’s girth as it grows. This makes it a popular choice for gardeners as it reduces strangling of the tree.

  • Rubber tree ties
  • Expands around tree girth
  • Provides a buffer between tree and support
  • UV stabilised and weather resistant
  • Potential life span of 12 years

Technical specifications

Size30cm (12")