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Soft Buckle Tree Ties 60cm x 10

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Product information

Buckle tree ties made of soft PVC material that will protect the tree from strangling as it grows. They can be adjusted and are supplied with a hoop collar or tree spacer that can be used to cushion the space between the tree and the support stake. 60cm black tree ties in a pack of 10.

Using Buckle Tree Ties

Buckle Tree Ties are useful in amenity woods. They can be threaded through the hoop collar or the tree spacer / tree pad to form a figure of eight. The tree in one side, the support on the other and the spacer or collar in the middle keeping them apart. The tree tie is then fastened with the buckle.

  • Buckle tree ties made of soft PVC
  • Protect from strangling tree
  • Adjustable to size
  • Supplied with a hoop collar and tree spacer

Technical specifications

Size60cm (24")
Width2.5cm (1")