Organic Pest Control

Organic pest controls are easy and safe to apply creating excellent levels of environmentally friendly pest control. The use of organic pest controls encourages hoverflies and ladybirds into your garden for free, providing a chemical free control of pests.

Choose the pest you would like to control from the list below.
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Aphids may be better known as greenfly or blackfly and most crops can be infested with them. This pest family is one of the biggest on the allotment.VIEW PRODUCTS


Presence of Whitefly is indicated by white scales on the underside of the leaves. Whitefly produce honeydew encouraging the production of black sooty mould.VIEW PRODUCTS

Slug & Snails

Slugs and snails are common pests in the garden. They want to eat your plants the minute they emerge as seedlings!VIEW PRODUCTS

Vine Weevil

Leaf notches around the edge of leaves indicates damage by adult weevils, larvae feed mainly on roots but they will also eat corms and soft fleshy stems.VIEW PRODUCTS

Red Spider Mite

The mites suck the contents out of plant cells and produce characteristic leaf damage of white or silvery speckled patches.VIEW PRODUCTS


Caterpillars eat voraciously as they need to pack in a lot of food before they emerge as adults, eating through foliage overnighht.VIEW PRODUCTS


Mealybugs suck the sap from plants, thier salvia is toxic resulting in distorted plant growth and premature leaf drop. They can carry plant diseases.VIEW PRODUCTS

Sciarid Fly

Adults can spread fungal diseases but most damage is caused by the larva feeding on plant roots making them vulnerable to disease infections.VIEW PRODUCTS


Thrip larvae and adults pierce leaf surfaces and suck out cell contents causing extensive 'silvering'. Thrips also transmit Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus.VIEW PRODUCTS