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Chrysoline C (Chrysoperla carnea) Aphid Organic Pest Control Larvae 500ml Tube

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Product information

Aphids may be better known as greenfly or blackfly. Most crops can be infested with aphids. This pest family is one of the biggest on the allotment. Main symptoms are various; leaf distortion, leaf yellowing, sticky upper-surface of leaves, white skins on upper-surface of leaves and possible black sooty mould from sticky honeydew produced by aphids. Active all year round but are most active at temperatures between 10 and 35°C.

A Young larvae of predatory lacewing, an extremely active predator with large pincers used to attack, hold and suck the juices from the pest body.

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Technical specifications

Pack Size500ml Tube
Species controlledEffective at controlling established aphid populations. Also feed on whitefly eggs and scales, thrips larvae, moth eggs, young mealybug nymphs and other small insects.
When to useUse on established populations of aphids or other pest colonies, ideal for organic crops.
Rates of use10 larvae per 1m² repeat after 2-3 weeks.