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Box tree moth trap kit - 1 moth trap and 6 lures

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Product information

Box Tree Moth Trap Kit consisting of 1 easy to assemble trap and 6 pheromone lure

The box tree moth has now become an important pest on box (Buxus spp.) across the South of England. The larvae feed on the foliage and within days can cause severe levels of defoliation and dieback.

Trapping season - There are two to three generations of moth per season and traps should be in place from mid- March through to October.

Positioning and storage
1. Place traps at a height of 1.5m above the ground with a minimum of 2 per site and a maximum of 4 per hectare.
2. Insert one lure per trap and replace every 6 weeks throughout the season.
3. Unopened lures should be stored in a cool environment out of direct sunlight and preferable at 4OC.

Monitoring and control
1. Traps act as early warning devices and as a result of regular monitoring it is possible to predict the arrival of the next generation of moths and their damaging larvae.
2. Trapping will also reduce the moth populations. Trapping alone is unlikely to control this potentially devastating pest.
3. The traps are available in weather proof polystyrene material and are reusable , with only the lure needing to be replaced every 6 weeks to maintain its effectiveness.

Assembly Instructions
1. Place a suitable pheromone inside the cage, and close with the cap.
2. Click the green trap lid onto the yellow funnel and push the funnel onto the bucket.
3. Twist clockwise to seal the trap.