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Dalefoot Wool Compost for Vegetables & Salads 30L

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Product information

Peat free wool compost for vegetables and salad crops. Dalefoot Wool Compost for Vegetables and Salads is an organic compost. Wool compost adds organic matter to the soil and helps with nutrient release and water retention. Dalefoot Wool Compost includes sustainably sourced bracken which is rich in potash to feed vegetables and salad crops. Use peat free wool compost in your allotment or to “grow your own”.
  • Peat free
  • Use for vegetables and salads in the allotment or garden
  • Organic matter increases water retention - up to 50% less watering
  • Soil Association approved

Technical specifications

Bag size30 litres
How to useFill raised beds and containers, soak well and then plant established plants and well grown seedlings directly into the compost. For seedlings and plugs, dig a hole in to compost, place plug in hole, gently fill and water well. Line potato and bean trenches with the compost before planting. Can also be used to top dress established vegetable plots and raised beds.