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J Arthur Bower's John Innes No.1 Compost 25lt

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Product information

J Arthur Bower’s compost for seedlings and cuttings. J Arthur Bower’s John Innes No. 1 is a loam based potting compost with moss peat, grit and limestone. The moss peat in John Innes No. 1 improves friability and retains water while the grit sand improves flow and drainage. Limestone balances the pH and fertilisers including potash and trace elements give seedlings and plant cuttings the nutrients they need to get started.

J Arthur Bower’s composts

J Arthur Bower's is a brand name from Westland. They have multi-purpose, No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 composts in their range of products.

  • Brand: J Arthur Bower's
  • Loam based potting compost for seeds and cuttings
  • Includes moss peat, grit and limestone
  • Fertilised with potash and trace elements for young plants

Technical specifications

Bag size25 litres
Particle Size0 - 12mm