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Westland Multi Purpose Compost & John Innes (Enriched with BIO3) 50lt

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Product information

Ideal for use all around the garden Westland Multi-Purpose Compost with added John Innes is a premium compost contains nutrients to feed your plants for up to 5 weeks. The added John Innes formula retains and releases nutrients and water for longer, providing your plants with all they need.

Enriched with BIO3, Westlands unique peat replacement technology, it boosts plants growth and promotes the growth of roots and leaves.

Westlands BIO3 is their unique, 3 part, peat replacement technology, specially created to be the perfect compost for all plants. The BIOfibre is a natural nutrient rich fibre. It locks onto the root as it grows and ensures fast, effective transfer of nutrients and moisture onto the plant. The West+ creates the optimum structure and air spaces in the compost to deliver the very best root growth. The Coir+ is their unique coir acting like a sponge, storing and releasing moisture and nutrients for longer.

  • Added John Innes
  • Enriched with Westland BIO3
  • Suitable for seed sowing
  • Stronger plant development
  • More flowers, more vibrancy, longer plant life
  • Ideal for containers and hanging baskets and general garden use
  • Feeds plants for up to 5 weeks
  • Carefully blended for excellent moisture retention and drainage
  • Perfect for all stages of plant life, including seed sowing
  • Longer plant life