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Sinclair Horticultural Grade Vermiculite - 100 Litre Bag

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Product information

These large, 100 litre bags of vermiculite are an ideal way for gardeners to purchase larger quantities for growing and sowing reasonable amounts of plants
Vermiculite is a naturally occurring, non-toxic aluminium iron silicate mineral that has been heated to a high temperature to produce a lightweight material with a high surface area

  • Our vermiculite has an attractive golden colour with a typical particle size of 2-5mm
  • Vermiculite absorbs nutrients preventing them from being washed out and then releases them as required to plant roots
  • Vermiculite has a high water retaining capacity, holding moisture near to plant roots
  • It also insulates against fluctuations in surface temperature when used as a seed covering

Technical specifications

Vermiculite particle size2mm-5mm