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Sinclair Horticultural Grade Vermiculite - 100 Litre Bag

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Product information

Buy horticultural vermiculite in large 100 litre bags for commercial nurseries or home gardens. Sinclair Horticultural Grade Vermiculite is porous so it helps retain water & nutrients in the soil for release to plants. Vermiculite is a natural, non-toxic mineral that is lightweight and has thermal insulation properties which makes it ideal for use as a pot topper. Sinclair Vermiculite is a warm golden colour.

Using vermiculite for plants

Vermiculite can be used alone or mixed with a seed compost for sowing seeds. For plants that love lots of water, like astilbes, hostas, arum lilies or rudbeckia, mix vermiculite into the potting compost.

  • Horticultural grade vermiculite
  • Porous mineral that retains water and nutrients for plants
  • Use as a pot topper for containers and plant pots
  • Natural and non-toxic

Technical specifications

Bag size100 litres
Vermiculite particle size2mm-5mm