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Hozelock Growbag Waterer

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Product information

The Hozelock growbag waterer, 2810, is designed to make growing fruit and vegetables much easier and to take some of the care requirements out of growing within growbags
  • The Hozelock growbag waterer is designed to take a standard growbag and will help to keep your plants watered and looked after
  • The Hozelock growbag waterer features a large capacity 15 litre reservoir that will ensure plants are watered for up to 14 days
  • The water is delivered directly to the plants roots through unique capillary watering spikes that help prevent plants from drought and minimise water wastage
  • The watering spikes, which have attached a strip of capillary matting, pierce the growbag and keep plants constantly watered
  • The growbag waterer has a convenient indicator to monitor water levels and the base can be filled using a watering can or hosepipe connector
  • The growbag waterer includes cane holders, which readily accept bamboo canes, to provide a solid base for plant support
  • The Hozelock growbag waterer is very easy to setup and is reusable
  • The Hozelock growbag waterer helps to produce healthier plants and provides better results from growing vegetables and fruit in growbags
  • Hozelock growbag waterer dimensions: 95cm overall length, 39
  • 5cm overall width, 9
  • 5cm overall depth