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Levington General Container Nursery Stock Compost 75L - NOW ON SALE

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Product information

General potting compost for container gardening and houseplants. Levington Advance Container Nursery Stock General purpose growing medium is peat based, well drained and free flowing making it ideal for pots and tubs. This nutrient rich potting compost can be used for small plant pots and nursery stock. Slightly acidic pH for acid loving plants like camellia or azalea.

Using multi purpose potting compost

Use multi purpose potting compost to pot up your seeds and seedlings in the greenhouse or pot out into larger pot plants and hanging baskets. Multi purpose potting compost can also be used for patio planters and indoor house plants.

  • General potting compost
  • Mixed peat particle sizes
  • For 9cm to 2 litre pot sizes
  • Slightly acid pH for acid loving plants

Technical specifications

Nitrogen (N)90
Phosphorus (P)46
Potassium (K)150
Particle size0-10mm (40%), 6-12mm (60%)