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Sinclair Nursery Stock Compost Peat Reduced 75lt

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Product information

Sinclair Nursery Stock Growing Medium is a coarse potting compost with a mix of bark and grit. Compost mix with peat, bark and grit making this a friable compost for containers and pots with good drainage. Use as a general potting compost for lime hating and acid loving plants. Sinclair Professional composts can be used in the commercial nursery or the home garden.

How to use potting compost

Use potting compost for indoor house plants and pot plants. A well-drained potting compost with bark is also suitable for orchids. Plant seeds and seedlings into potting compost in containers and trays in the greenhouse or garden.

  • Coarse peat-based potting compost
  • Includes peat, bark and grit
  • Use for both ericaceous or non-ericaceous plants
  • Suitable for home gardens and commercial nurseries

Technical specifications

BrandSinclair Pro
Nitrogen (N)120
Phosporus (P)140
Potassium (K)140
Peat0-10mm (25%), 3-15mm (27.5%), 15-15mm (27.5%)
Bark3-12mm (15%)

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