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J. Arthur Bowers John Innes Compost Seed 25lt

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Product information

J. Arthur Bowers John Innes Seed Compost is loam-based seed sowing & cutting compost, regarded as one of the best seed composts in the UK for seeds & cuttings. Use John Innes seed compost to give your seedlings and plant cuttings a healthy start. Limestone reduces the acidity of this garden compost and sand bulks it out with trace minerals.

How to use a Seed Compost

Fill your seed trays or small pots with seed compost and level off. Water thoroughly. Seeds can be planted directly into the seed compost in the trays or pots. Seed compost can also be used when you plant transplants or report smaller plants.

  • Loam-based seed compost
  • Added sand and limestone
  • One of the best seed composts in the UK
  • Use for sowing seeds and establishing cuttings

Technical specifications

Bag size25 litres