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Jiffy Propagation Coir/Perlite 70/30 Mix Compost 70lt

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Product information

Jiffy Tref coir compost with perlite mix. Coir and perlite mixes make the best seed compost for your garden seedlings. Perlite is recommended as a growing medium for seeds and cuttings as it provides aeration and speeds up propagation. Coir helps with water retention for healthy roots and is environmentally friendly as it is recycled from coconuts.
  • Coir compost with perlite mix
  • Use for establishing seeds and cuttings
  • Speeds up propagation
  • Encourages healthy roots
  • Coir 70% / Perlite 30%

Technical specifications

BrandJiffy (TREF)
Nitrogen (N)17
Phosphorus (P)10
Potassium (K)14