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John Innes Seed No.1 Compost 25lt

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Product information

John Innes No. 1 Seed Compost is one of the best seed composts in the UK. Sow vegetables and flowers in this organic garden compost specially designed for seed sowing and establishing cuttings. This loam-based garden compost from Humax has all the nutrients your new seedlings will require. John Innes No 1 includes a wetting agent that makes watering young plants and transplants easy.

How to use seed compost

Fill your seed trays or small pots to the brim with John Innes No. 1. Level the top of the seed compost and water it before adding your seeds as the packet describes. Seed compost can be used for establishing cuttings or repotting smaller plants.

  • Loam-based seed compost
  • H²Gro wetting agent
  • Start & Gro fertilisers
  • Organic garden compost for sowing seeds and cuttings
  • John Innes No. 1 is one of the best seed composts in the UK

Technical specifications

Bag size25 litres