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Levington Advance Seed & Modular F2S Compost 75 Litre

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Product information

F2S is designed for seed sowing and direct rooting of cuttings, containing silver sand to improve the flow of the growing media. All Levington composts contain the ICL H2Gro wetting agent and the pH is adjusted between 5.3 and 6.0 using dolomitic lime. H2Gro is a unique blend of surfactants based on 3D technology with a multi-matrix effect. It is a unique wetting agent based on a water conservation agent that holds the maximum amount of water to the previously water repellent materials and to other materials in the growing media.
  • Brand: Levington
  • Usage: Seed sowing and cuttings in modules, trays and pots up to 7cm
  • Volume: 75L
  • Contains silver sand for a improved flow of growing media.

Technical specifications

PH5.3 -6.0
Nitrogen (N)144
Phosphorus (P)73
Potassium (K)239
Particle size0-3mm