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Levington Advance Seed & Modular Low Nutrient F1 Compost 75L

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Product information

Levington Advance F1 Compost is a low-level nutrient seed compost for use in modular seed trays. A professional growing medium with low levels of fertiliser for sensitive plants, it will still provide your seedlings and cuttings with all they need for healthy growth. Levington composts contain H²Gro wetting agent, a unique system that retains water within the growing medium.

Using seed compost for sowing seeds

Use plenty of seed compost in your modular seed trays or small pots, allowing for watering to dampen the level down in the container. Then sow the seeds as instructed. Cuttings and small plants can also be potted up in seed compost.

  • Seed sowing compost for modular trays
  • Low level of fertiliser
  • Use in pots up to 7cm
  • Contains H²Gro wetting agent

Technical specifications

PH5.3 - 6.0
Nitrogen (N)96
Phosphorus (P)49
Potassium (K)159
Particle Size0-3mm