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Sinclair Modular Seed Compost Peat Reduced 75lt

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Product information

Sinclair Modular Seed Growing Medium is a peat-based seed compost with nutrients, suitable for sowing seeds and transplanting plant cuttings into modular trays. This is a peat-based growing medium from the Sinclair Pro range with NPK nutrients. Peat in the seed compost helps to keep seeds damp before germination. The NPK (nitrogen, phosphates and potassium) nutrients help to establish healthy new plant growth.

Sinclair Seed Compost

Sinclair seed compost for sowing seeds into modular trays. Peat based seed composts provide the nutrients, moisture retention and air circulation needed for germination. Sinclair’s modular seed compost is ideal for growing ericaceous plants, like heathers.

  • Peat based seed compost for modular trays
  • Slightly acidic so suitable for ericaceous plants
  • Nitrogen, phosphorous and potash (NPK)
  • Use for sowing seeds and transplanting cuttings

Technical specifications

BrandSInclair Pro
Nitrogen (N)96
Phosphorus (P)170
Potassium (K)249
Peat0-5mm 100%

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