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Sinclair Seed Sowing with Vermiculite Growing Medium 75lt

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Product information

Sinclair seed compost is a peat and vermiculite growing medium for sowing seeds and establish roots on cuttings. Vermiculite improves water retention and bulks out seed composts allowing air circulation. pH adjustment, high nutrients and a wetting agent provide the ideal conditions for plant seedlings.

Sinclair Seed Compost with Vermiculite

Sinclair’s seed compost with vermiculite gives seeds the perfect start. The best seed composts provide nutrients, have good moisture retention and aeration. The compost mix supplies the nutrients for propagation and the added vermiculite holds water and air. In addition, Sinclair Seed Sowing with Vermiculite Growing Medium includes a wetting agent or surfactant.

** Please note this will be supplied in a generic Sinclair bag. The product is however as specified above **

  • Peat & vermiculite growing medium
  • Use for sowing seeds and establishing cuttings
  • Vermiculite improves water retention
  • Contains nutrients and a wetting agent
  • pH adjusted to ideal conditions

Technical specifications

Bag size75 litres

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